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Test & Measurement

  • Useful tools for the Amateur Radio hobbyist
    Here are some of the tools club members have found useful when building/fixing amateur radio projects. All links are affiliated to our partner sites. If you click through to the site and place an order, the club will receive commission on the order placed. This is a great way to help support the club financially.
  • Doogee V20 Pro Rugged Smartphone
    I have been looking for a thermal imaging camera for over a year, the main use case was for PCB fault finding but a secondary use would be for checking heat loss around the house. My requirements are a high resolution sensor (for reasonable accuracy of SMD components), macro lens availability, direct connectivity with PC/Mac/iPhone/Android… Read More »Doogee V20 Pro Rugged Smartphone
  • Diode Ring Double Balanced Mixer
    The diode ring double balanced mixer is a simple device which can be used in receivers and transmitters. In this article, we’ll be testing a homebuilt mixer for a 20m transmitter. The mixer consists of four Schottky diodes – I used BAT28 diodes – and two coils wound on toroids. The coils need to be… Read More »Diode Ring Double Balanced Mixer
  • Testing Filters Using An Analogue ‘Scope
    Whilst NanoVNAs are superb for testing and viewing the frequency response of a filter, you can do the same thing with an old analogue oscilloscope and function generator.
  • Using The NanoVNA
    Introducing The NanoVNA The NanoVNA is an incredibly versatile test and measurement tool, at a very attractive price point. There’s a place for one of these tools in every ham shack, but when you purchase one, they often don’t come with any instructions. The NanoVNA is not a particularly intuitive piece of test gear, especially… Read More »Using The NanoVNA