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Club “Morserino Lite” shipping and CW Reflector operational

As part of the ongoing club members interest in learning and operating CW, we have now made a large step forward towards the renewed club CW training course.  By rolling out the club’s version of the popular open-source Morserino CW trainer.  We call this the Morserino Lite as it has only the functionality required by club members to learn CW and train using the club… Read More »Club “Morserino Lite” shipping and CW Reflector operational

Club Zello Channel

Today the club has opened a dedicated club channel on Zello under the club’s callsign “MX0ONL”. We are finding that many radio amateurs have adopted Zello as a form of communication due to the current poor band conditions and also due to reasons outside their control.  This Zello channel will allow club members to communicate from their mobile phones when away from their radio or… Read More »Club Zello Channel

2019 General Meeting

The Online Radio Club will be holding its General Meeting on 30th November 2019 and all club members are welcome to join the conference room to attend the meeting. 2019 General Meeting Event Link