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Club “Morserino Lite” shipping and CW Reflector operational

As part of the ongoing club members interest in learning and operating CW, we have now made a large step forward towards the renewed club CW training course.  By rolling out the club’s version of the popular open-source Morserino CW trainer.  We call this the Morserino Lite as it has only the functionality required by club members to learn CW and train using the club CW reflector, this allows us to offer the device to club members at a low price point and has a very small footprint.  This has been in development for the past few months but now ready to be shipped out to 7 club members.

Alongside the Morserino Lite, we have developed a custom “CW Reflector” to allow off-air QSOs, head copy training and collaborative training to take place.  This reflector is hosted on the club servers and provides a multi-channelled environment for remote CW communication off-air.  Currently the reflector hosts a calling channel, numerous meeting room channels, and two automated sending bots (one announcing spots from our DX cluster, the other sending out live general news announcements – both in CW).  Soon, capabilities for trainer led CW lessons will be added for an immersive and efficient learning experience.