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Our next planned event will be on-

There are no upcoming events at this time

Our Out-and-About season has started.  These events will be planned for “the last Saturday of the month” on HF (typically 40m for good inter-G).


  1. Only QSOs between the planned times will be given points.
  2.  All QSOs are to be logged and submitted to me (M0VVA) within three days of activity.
  3. QSO allocated points:
    • 5 points for an inter-club QRP call when Out-and-About
    • 3 points for an inter-club >QRP call when Out-and-About
    • 2 points for an inter-club call when at the indoor home station
    • 1 point for any non-club call when Out-and-About
  1.  QRP is considered 10W or less
  2.  No duplicate calls per band
  3.  All operation is using Phone only – unless otherwise stated

Members of the club went Out-and-About on Saturday, 27 May 2023, for the second time. Images have been submitted by some of our members showing their locations.

M7TFT/M – Icom IC-705 and Diamond HV-7CX at IO91fn

M0VVA – Icom IC-705 and 40m SotaBeams Dipole