The Online Radio Club Information


The Club’s Constitution can be found here.

Code of Conduct

The Club’s Code of Conduct may be found here.

Membership Fees & Subscriptions

The Club fiscal year runs from 1st November to 30th October. All membership fees are to be paid during the first month of the fiscal year or upon joining the club.

Annual membership*

Youth (Children or Young Adult in Full-time Education)£5

* Membership fees reduced by 50% for new joiners after April 30th for that current year.


WeeklyMonthly (Standing Order)

* Limited concessionary rates available upon request – please contact

Annual General Meetings

November 30, 2019

General Report
Minutes of the meeting

1 thought on “The Online Radio Club Information”

  1. michael purnell

    Welcoming group of people with a wealth and depth of experience with a side order of good humour. Thank you for accepting me as a member of the club.

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