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M0HVC Silent Key

We are saddened of the news that one of our club founders, Robbie M0HVC, is now a silent key.

Robbie was instrumental in the creation of The Online Radio Club where his enthusiasm, experience and passion to help others provided the club with a great source of knowledge and humour. He regularly participated at club evenings contributing to the discussions, offering some insightful show-and-tells and keeping everyone amused by his collection of hats!

As a professional CW operator, Robbie provided club members with invaluable advice on progressing their CW experiences and was always available to provide assistance. He regularly operated on VHF SSB and built club members his own version of a folded, halo dipole which was very popular and allowed members to work VHF SSB from the tiniest of apartments. Robbie was not shy to dip his toes in all aspects of Amateur Radio, he lately tried out various digital modes including DStar, FT8, Olivia and Zello, the latter of which became his go-to mode for communicating with friends in the US, Gibraltar and wider regions.

During 2023 his health turned for the worse and sadly on 7th January he passed gently away after spending time with his close family members. Robbie, you will be sorely missed by all that knew you.


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