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The (tr)uSDX

After some initial hesitation, due to negative feedback from some of the club members, I have decided to build a small HF QRP transceiver called the (tr)uSDX. I won’t go into the history of where the design came from (there are plenty of posts on the internet already) but the official kit, as endorsed by DL2MAN, can be purchased on AliExpress here (affilliated link).

Activating Hardown Hill. G/SC-011.

SOTA activation: Hardown Hill

Hardown Hill (G/SC-011) is another local hill, with fantastic views over to Golden Cap and across the sea. However, that was not what greeted me… but more of that later. There is ample space for parking just outside Ryall… and I do mean “just outside”. Where I parked, I could see the village sign about 25m in front of me! You can reach this spot… Read More »SOTA activation: Hardown Hill

Summit of Lewesdon Hill, SOTA G/SC-009

Activating Lewesdon Hill

Lewesdon Hill is a small lump just to the north of Bridport, Dorset. Rising up to 286m, it’s not exactly like scaling the highest peaks, but I was still breathing quite hard when I arrived on the summit… that last bit is quite steep enough! If you want to find your own way to the top, I can do nothing else than recommend G0POT’s activation… Read More »Activating Lewesdon Hill