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Regular Club meeting – 8 Oct 2020

TORC zoom meeting 8 Oct 2020

Thanks everybody, a fun meeting this week. This was a general chat meeting with no speaker. We talked about our projects and ideas again.

Along for a chat:
Jon M7KMW, Fred G1HCM, Michael G4XIX, Andy M0VVA, Jeff AB6MB, Grae G0WCZ

We talked about:

  • Congrats to Jon M7KMW for passing his Intermediate exam
  • Lockdown Morse on Youtube
  • Starting CW evenings again — first one to be Tues 20th Oct at 20:00 (zoom link on the website under meetings/CW meeting)
  • RSGB Autumn Series CW and Data modes contests – some club members are participating
  • Raspberry Pi projects – security camera, fldigi setup
  • The PAPA system weekly antenna net — Jeff AB6MB is net control
  • js8call – and possible sked from West Coast US to UK
  • 49:1 baluns
  • TinySA
  • Using Eagle for PCB design
  • Oscar 100 — equipment for narrowband
  • OFCOM EMF calculator spreadsheet

… and many other topics. Next meeting as usual next Thursday 15th and 7.30pm BST (1830GMT) on Zoom. See the zoom link under the Join Meeting menu on the club home page.


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