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Digital modes added to club member’s dashboard

As part of our club service to show club members where other members have been active on the bands, we have now added digital mode statistics to the club Grafana dashboard and PushSafer alerts. This is taking a feed from PSKReporter every 5 minutes (a restriction imposed by PSKReporter) and stores the information in a time-series database for graphical/tabular view. One of the great things about the dashboards is that it maintains history, so we can scroll back in time to see activity since records where created or look at the “big picture” over an annual basis. Another huge benefit is having one place to see activity across multiple sources!

Club digital mode activity in the past 24 hours

It has also incorporated into the big dashboard giving a holistic view of club activity across CW, SSB, Digital Modes and Reflector.

Big dashboard

We hope to soon add a feed from to populate the data page with live WSPR activity too.

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