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Our multi-protocol reflector

xlx dashboard screenshot

After a lot of work configuring and testing, we’re pleased to announce our multi-protocol reflector is now accessible across a various digital radio modes and reflector systems. Our XLX reflector has DMR<->D-Star transcoding on modules A-C and the main module B is now accessible from the following systems:

Multimode: XLX994B, XRF994B, REF994B, DCS994B
D-Star: SmartGroup TORC2
DMR: Brandmeister Talkgroup 994
YSF: 37815 (XLX994)

We use the reflector for general club chat and for our new 994 Lockdown Net that happens at 0900Z daily while we continue to be in the global COVID-19 lockdown.

Huge thanks to Andy M0VVA for showing great determination and tenacity while configuring the many components needed to get it all working, and thanks to club members for testing support.

The reflector dashboard is accessible at:

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