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Summit of Lewesdon Hill, SOTA G/SC-009

Activating Lewesdon Hill

Lewesdon Hill is a small lump just to the north of Bridport, Dorset. Rising up to 286m, it’s not exactly like scaling the highest peaks, but I was still breathing quite hard when I arrived on the summit… that last bit is quite steep enough! If you want to find your own way to the top, I can do nothing else than recommend G0POT’s activation… Read More »Activating Lewesdon Hill

Beginners Guide To Satellites (Part One)

Overview After 35 years away from the hobby, I returned to find that the world of amateur radio had changed significantly. I knew I wanted to make the most of the VHF/UHF bands and was surprised to find that what had once been very active, was now quiet and under-utilised. That is except for contest evenings! Still, I was disappointed but looked forward to working… Read More »Beginners Guide To Satellites (Part One)