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CW Tuesdays

Event Details

This event finished on 19 November 2021

Join us for our weekly Tuesday CW practice night.   We take on all levels and use a range of exercises to learn, improve speed, understand CW QSOs and talk about learning and using CW. This is for beginners and experienced CW operators alike.  We choose activities to match the group on the night.

Our philosophy is:  better to learn faster than slower, better to learn the rhythm of words than individual letters, better to understand in the head than have to write on paper. We tend to practice at 20-25 words per minute starting with big gaps between words.  And we aim to make it fun as well.  We laugh and learn and support each other.

We expect to meet every Tuesday from 8pm to 9pm (UK time) using the club conference (Zoom ID 684151270).  There will be no sending from attendees, so only a computer or tablet with video conferencing capabilities is required.

Please email (info@ your intention of joining the event to ensure adequate club resource coverage.  Thanks!