CW beginners head-copy practise

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This event is running from 10 September 2019 until 29 December 2020. It is next occurring on 9th Jun 2020 20:00

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Join us for our CW beginners head-copy practise aimed to assist in the learning to head-copy CW.

The session will be run by a club CW mentor who will be sending CW at 20-25wpm and asking attendees to say what has been heard.   No pens or pencils are allowed!  This might appear daunting to newcomers but persevere and it will become easier over time – we will all be making mistakes throughout the process.

We expect to meet every Tuesday (except the first Tuesday) of the month from 8pm-9pm (UK) using the club conference (Zoom ID 859-4961-7860).  There will be no sending from attendees, so only a computer with video conferencing capabilities is required.

Please email ( your intention of joining the event to ensure adequate club resource coverage.  Thanks!