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Club Meeting 26 November 2020

Attending were:

Jon 2E0OPT, Jeff AB6MB, Grae G0WCZ, Michael G4XIX, Fred G1HCM, Andy M0VVA, Mark 2W0YMS

We talked through a range of topics in a laughter filled, informative evening. Thanks everybody.

Here are some of the topics covered:

  • P25 radios and hotspots — and the way the Openspot 3 can do cross-mode
  • FT8 and PSK31 success
  • solar flux over 100 for the first time in a while
  • working Trinidad on 12m SSB
  • PC timekeeping for FT8:
    • GPS chips and Raspberry Pi to make a Stratum 1 reference (eg. from protopic)
    • redirecting NTP to a local time reference
  • cord that doesn’t decay in the sun like paracord — yacht chandlers is the place to go
  • christmas lights — seasonal QRM
  • Off centre dipole for top band
  • A buyer’s club for components (possible club project) – use for this
  • Uk Brandmeister server disconnected from the network
  • PAPA Antenna net
  • ADSB aircraft tracking
  • Electroluminescent wire
  • Debugging Andy’s Stabilock board – what are these components, beautifully made PC board
  • Stories of electric shocks and injuries from RF and Radar
  • Allstar networking
  • A zoom net focussed on HF operating
  • Show and tell: Michael’s remote tuner
  • RPi as a crude FM transmitter
  • BBC Microbit


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