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Regular Club meeting – 1 Oct 2020

A fun meeting tonight. Thanks everybody. This was a general chat meeting with no speaker. We talked about our projects and ideas.

Jon M7KMW, Fred G1HCM, Michael G4XIX, Matt M0JNX, Grae G0WCZ and apologies from Andy M0VVA

We talked about:

  • Studying for intermediate exam — and re-taking a mock full exam
  • Good value wire for wire antennas (e.g. standard 2.5mm/7strand has lasted 5 years)
  • Raspberry Pi set up as a shack security camera with motion detection, and the useful RSGB book “Raspberry Pi Explained”
  • 65mph winds expected over the weekend
  • Oscar 100 station improvements
  • modifying 23cm ATV transceiver for digital TV
  • Curtis keyer powerdown and analogue CW speed meter
  • Lockdown Morse (youtube)
  • RF power meter kit
  • QCX and QCX plus
  • 1954 Vibroplex standard bug

… and many other topics.


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